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Having problems with your computer? With TechFixItNow the solution is already at your doorstep. TechFixItNow allows our technicians to connect to your computer over the Internet without any technical expertise or installation required. Simply follow the steps below and watch as our experienced staff repairs your computer remotely without you having to leave your seat.
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Remote Assistance Guy
Step 1
Call us at 410-823-2829 - Explain your issue to our technicians
Step 2
Click Here to connect to our remote control software
Step 3
Click on the information bar at the top of your browser, and Install the ActiveX Control
Step 4
A Cient ID # should be displayed on your browser after the control is installed. Relay this Client ID to the technician.
  Step 5
Sit back and watch us fix your system.
We accept all major credit cards
TechFixIt Now Charges $65 and Accepts All Major Credit Cards
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